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MOTUS AZ + allows to treat a variety of conditions and is ideal for most skin tones with one system.  Treatments with Motus AZ + (pain-free laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmented & vascular lesion reduction) are now available at Hillside Family Medicine.

Motus AZ+ includes

Moveo HR for hair removal trusted as truly pain-free across all patient skin types

Moveo PL leverages moveo delivery with the power of Alexandrite to treat large areas of pigment comfortably.

Moveo SR introduces moveo delivery to skin revitalization for smooth and comfortable collagen stimulation with Nd:YAG wavelength.

Moveo VL combines moveo delivery with the Nd:YAG to target diffuse vascular lesions and generalized redness with the comfort you expect from Motus.

Repeat treatment every 6 weeks

We need to allow more time in between treatments as the growth of the hair slows and there are fewer and finer hairs in the treatment areas.

Lasers provide varying levels of energy, speed, coverage area, and depth to remove unwanted hair across various skin types and hair colors. Yet, some lasers are far more effective for hair removal than others. Newer laser hair removal devices provide more people the best possible experience and results.

Repeat treatment once per month until desired results are achieved.

Skin pigmentation reduction for all skin types.

Repeat treatment every 2 – 4 weeks until desired results are achieved.

3-5 treatments are usually necessary.

Vascular Skin Changes
Spider Veins

Repeat treatment once per month until desired results are achieved.

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